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Q.   How do I get an ATM card?
A. Download, complete and submit a printable 24 hour Access Application. Mail, fax or hand deliver it to at any CEFCU Location.

Q. What accounts can I withdraw from using my ATM Card?
A. You can access either your Regular Savings account or Checking (Share Draft) account.

Q. How long will it take to receive a new ATM card?
A. It will take approximately seven to ten business days.

Q. My ATM card was lost/stolen. What do I do?
A. If you are currently signed up to M.A.G.I.C., our 24 hour Audio Response System, you can call and place a block on the card by requesting Service Code 68. If you do not have access to M.A.G.I.C., call our ATM Department during business hours. For M.A.G.I.C., call 908.245.0173, Option 2, or Sign-Up For M.A.G.I.C. now! Print a M.A.G.I.C. Quick Reference Guide for instructions on how to place an ATM card block.

Q. If I request a new card, can I use the same PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
A. Yes, your new card will be entirely different and you may use the same PIN.

Q. My ATM card does not work. What do I do?
  1. If the ATM/POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal DID NOT ask you for a PIN, the strip on the back of the card could have been demagnetized or it could be a mechanical problem with the terminal. You could try another machine before re-applying for a new card.
  2. If the ATM/POS terminal DID ask you for a PIN, the PIN that was entered could have been incorrect or it could be a mechanical problem with the terminal. You should try another terminal or request a PIN mailer that will verify the PIN that was issued to the card.
  3. If you moved and did not inform the Credit Union of the change, there could be a stop on your account for an incorrect address. Download, complete and submit an Account Information Update Form. Mail, fax or hand-deliver to any CEFCU Location and the stop will be removed.
  4. If you have a loan with a delinquent status, there could be a stop on your accounts. Contact the Collections Department at 908.245.0173, Option 6.

In any case, you can request a new card. The fee for a new card is $5.00 and will be debited from you Checking (Share Draft) or Regular Savings account.

Q. The ATM terminal ate my card and the bank would not give it back. Why?
A. For security purposes many financial institutions will not release an ATM card. Most often financial institutions destroy all cards retained. You may call the financial institution that owns the terminal and inquire on their policy.

Q. Why did the machine capture my card?
A. Most often it is due to more than three attempts to enter the correct PIN. If the third attempt is incorrect, the ATM terminal will retain the card. Also, if the card is left in the machine after a certain time period the machine will automatically capture the card. Most people that are in a hurry take the cash requested and forget to complete the transaction. For security purposes, the machine is set up to retain cards that are left unattended. Your account will be debited a $5.00 new card fee.

Q. I did not receive the cash requested but my account was debited for the requested amount. What do I do?
A. Contact the Credit Union ATM Department and give them all the information regarding the transaction. Most of the important information will be printed on the receipt. If you did not receive a receipt please make a note of the ATM terminal location, time and date of transaction. Have this information available when you contact the ATM Department. The ATM Department will file a transaction dispute report and within 24-hours your account will be TEMPORARILY credited until the dispute is resolved. If the financial institution provides evidence that the transaction was valid, the account will be debited again. You can read more about this in the ATM cardholder agreement that you received with your card.

Q. Can I change the PIN on my ATM card that I am currently using?
A. The only way to change the PIN is to order a new ATM card. Please let the Credit Union know if you would like your current ATM card deactivated. Your account will be debited a $5.00 new card fee.

Q. Are there any fees for an ATM transaction?
A. There is a charge of $.75 per transaction in excess of three per month, excluding point-of-sale transactions.

Q. How much money can I withdraw with my ATM card each day?
A. You may withdraw up to $500.00 each day, including purchase transactions, provided the funds are available in your account(s). The 24-hour time frame begins at midnight each business day and ends at midnight on the following business day.

Q. Do you have a Credit Union owned ATM machine?
A. Currently we do not own an ATM machine. Click Here to locate ATM machines with no-surcharge.

Q. Do you offer Debit Cards?
A. At this time we do not offer debit cards. Members surveyed preferred ATM cards over debit cards for security purposes. The ATM card offers a PIN feature, which reduces the risk of loss to the member if the card is lost or stolen.

Due to the amount of requests we have recently received, we are currently reviewing the possibilities of offering this product within the near future. Please continue to visit our site for product and service enhancements and updates.

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