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VISA® Credit Card FAQs

Q. How soon can I check the status of my Platinum VISA Credit Card application?
A. You can call any County Educators FCU Location approximately 24 to 48 hours after your credit application has been submitted.

Q. How do I get a Platinum VISA Credit Card for my spouse?
A. In order for your spouse to receive a card, they will need to complete a credit application and submit it to any County Educators FCU location. They will also have to be added as a joint on the primary's account, if they are not already. They can apply in person by visiting any County Educators FCU Location, send an email request to, or call any branch location and request a Visa application be sent by mail.

Q. What is the annual percentage rate on a County Educators FCU Platinum VISA Credit Card?
A. The annual percentage rate is determined by the member's creditworthiness. The most recent rate information can be found at

Q. Is there an annual fee on a County Educators FCU Platinum VISA Credit Card?
A. There is no annual fee.

Q. Where can I use my Platinum VISA Credit Card?
A. You can use the Platinum VISA Credit Card at any merchant or financial institution displaying and accepting the VISA logo.

Q. What is the maximum credit limit?
A. The credit limit will be based upon credit history and the future ability to repay. The maximum credit limit we can extend to a member is $10,000.00.

Q. Once approved how long does it take to receive the card?
A. It takes seven to ten business days for a Platinum VISA Credit Card to be delivered in the mail.

Q. What is a Secured Platinum VISA?
A. A Secured Platinum VISA is a credit card that is opened with cash collateral held against your Regular Share Account. It is a credit card designed to build positive credit history. Funds in the amount of your credit limit are frozen in your Regular Share Account. The designated amount is considered collateral and cannot be withdrawn. The Regular Savings account funds will continue to earn quarterly dividends. After you have established a payment history with us (usually after 6 months), you may apply for an unsecured Platinum VISA. The loan approval decision will be based on your credit history and future ability to repay.

Q. Can I make payments on my VISA Credit Card at any County Educators FCU location?
A. Yes, you can make a payment at any County Educators FCU Location. If your payment is mailed to the Credit Union, the check should be made payable to: County Educators Federal Credit Union, and be accompanied with your VISA billing statement. Otherwise, you can mail payments to:

    P.O. Box 41769
    Philadelphia, PA 19101-1769

Payments can also be made online at: or in Home Banking.

Q. What happens if my Platinum VISA Card is lost/stolen?
A. If your Platinum VISA Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact VISA's 24 hour hotline at 1.800.449.7728. Your account will be immediately blocked and closed. The balance will be transferred to a new Platinum VISA card account. The new card will be mailed to you within seven to ten business days.

Q. When can I apply for a Platinum VISA Credit Card increase?
A. You may apply for a credit increase at any time. If it was your intention when applying for the Platinum VISA to rebuild or establish credit, it may be beneficial for you to wait 6 months between increase requests.

Q. How can I apply for a VISA Credit Card increase?
A. Apply in person by visiting any County Educators FCU Location, request an application by sending an email to, or call by phone to request a Visa application be sent to you by mail.

Q. How do I get a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) for my Platinum VISA Card?
A. To change an existing PIN on your Platinum VISA Card you need to call 1-800- 654-7728 OR call County Educators at 908-245-0173.

To change THE PIN on your new PLATINUM VISA CARD YOU NEED TO CALL 1-800-221-9648. You must have your original PIN mailer with the reference number in order to change your PIN.

Q. Is it possible to have Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit for VISA payments?
A. Currently, we do not offer this service. For your convenience, you can make VISA payments at any County Educators FCU Location or online at and in Home Banking.

Q. Can I get an update of my account status at any time?
A. Yes, you can obtain account balances, available credit, amount and date of last payment, minimum payment amount, next due date, last statement date, cash advance limit and transactions posted since last statement by visiting or by calling 1-800-654-7728.

Q. What is the process if I disagree with a charge on my statement?
A. Call 1-800-654-7728 and let the VISA representative know that you disagree with an amount reflected on your billing statement. You can also inform VISA of a dispute through writing by mailing your claim to:

    P.O. Box 31112,
    Tampa, FL 33631-3112

VISA will investigate the charge and forward their findings to you. For additional information, see the credit card agreement you received with your card.

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