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What is a Credit Score?
What is my Credit Score?
How can I improve my Credit Score?

Confused About all the Talk on Credit Scores?

This topic has become a common financial concern. As part of our continuous effort to educate our members we would like to offer you an opportunity to discuss what a credit score is and how it affects you individually. The credit score that appears on your credit report not only determines your rate and term at the credit union, it could also influence other areas of your life - such as: applying for a job or renting an apartment.

Our Member Service Representatives would be happy to review a copy of your credit report, explain, analyze and suggest ways of increasing your score.
Call us today at 908.245.0173, ext. 115 to set up an appointment for your Credit Report Review.

That the Credit Score Number Ranges From 900 - 250* (the higher the better).

AND. . .

Your Credit Score is Derived of Five Basic Items:

35% Reported Payment History
30% Capacity (Revolving Balances Versus Limits)
15% Length (Oldest Reported Credit Account)
10% Accumulation of Debt in the Last 12-18 Months
10% Mix of Reported Credit (Installment Debt Versus Revolving)

*Based on Fair Isaac Score Model used by Experian

County Educators FCU is excited to announce AlertMe, a new credit-monitoring service designed to help members fight identity theft which is a growing problem that affects millions of Americans. AlertMe gives early warning of activity on your credit report. Since credit report activity can be a sign of possible identity theft, early detection can help you catch problems quickly to minimize losses.

AlertMe monitors your Experian credit file daily. New accounts, credit cards over the credit limit, and address changes are just a few of the items AlertMe monitors. If an activity occurs, AlertMe will send you an email alerting you to the activity. You can log into the AlertMe Web site to read details about the activity and determine if it is suspicious. AlertMe will also send an email to remind you to order your annual free credit reports.

The AlertMe cost is $4.25 month. Quarterly and annual plans are available at a reduced rate. To enroll or learn more, simply click on AlertMe, or the link on our home page.

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